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Past Events: 2007

April 2007: Arthur St. Onge Speaker Event

Arthur St. Onge founded the St. Onge Company in 1983, a global consulting engineering firm headquartered in York PA. He and his three partners focused on the design and implementation of the internal operations of manufacturing and distribution facilities. From these early beginnings in materials handling engineering, St. Onge Company has grown to a staff of over 80 with consulting engineering services in logistics strategy, supply chain network modeling, design of manufacturing facilities, design of distribution facilities, operations planning, training and Institute St. Onge, an on-line web based portal for knowledge in logistics, manufacturing, distribution and operations planning. St. Onge Company has executed over 3,000 projects for more than 500 corporations, on six continents.  Clients include Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, General Motors, Lowe's, Sears, Novartis, Staples, Dell, Pepsi, 3M, LL Bean, and Johnson & Johnson. Arthur St. Onge was the 2005 recipient of the Material Handling Education.


Elizabethtown College Mentoring


March 2007: Tour of Arnold Logistics Camp Hill, PA

Arnold Logistics operates an automated reverse logistics operation that manages returns processes for over 15,000 individual SKUs for their client and processes over 60 million units annually.  The solution apart from increasing the speed and accuracy of media returns processing and provide the client with real-time data down to the unit level. The Arnold Logistics solution has enabled this client to reduce their pending-for-credit reserve accrual, increase cash flow, and cut unnecessary staffing in their financial department. The level of information Arnold provides to this client allows them to fully realize customer trends, credit analysis, return trends and reprint forecasts.  Arnold’s data allows them to reconcile accounts with their customer right down to the individual book level.   Prior to having this solution, this company issued credit based solely on the customers claim.


Whitaker Center Engineer's Week Celebrations


Hershey Medical Tour


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